Wednesday, July 6, 2016
The time of year is here when we make the short trek to Atlanta to meet and talk with others in the industry and see what new products will be available for next year. I was honored to be asked to tag along this year and experience the process of shopping and purchasing formal wear first hand.
The first day for me was all about dresses! I accompanied Geneva, our Trussville store manager, and Brittany, also from Trussville to the morning meeting of IPA (International Prom Association). It was a great opportunity to see the plan for this upcoming prom season and the awesome ways in which technology can help us market our products. After that it was my very first runway show featuring Madison James prom and bridesmaid dresses. I am far from an expert on dresses but believe me, prom 2015 is going to be the best!
After the show it was up to Geneva and Brittany to review what we saw at the show and determine what they think will sell for homecoming and prom next year. All of the dresses that were featured on the runway are hung up all along the walls in the studio space so you can it see and inspect them more closely. We went down the list and gave our opinions. After that it was time to reconnect with the others and enjoy a tasty dinner.
Next blog post - all about the tuxedos!

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